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ANGLO FREIGHT (UK) LTD is a company registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. By using our service or our website, you accept our trading terms and conditions as shown below.

Our services

Our pledge to you is to provide you with a reliable and trustworthy service to deliver and clear your goods, whether it is imported into the United Kingdom or it is exported out of the United Kingdom. All business conducted with Anglo Freight (UK) Ltd will be in accordance with the British International Freight Association (BIFA)’s standard trading conditions. Copies are available upon request or can be downloaded from here:

We assist our customers in importing goods from third countries to the United Kingdom, coming from China, South East Asia, the European Union, Middle East and the Americas and we also support exporting goods from the United Kingdom to those regions in the world and more. We can clear your goods into the country through all major sea ports, such as Felixstowe, London Gateway and Southampton, and can arrange road haulage from these ports to your warehouse or your business address. Our services can cover air, sea, rail and road operations supported by agents across the world so we can arrange the smooth shipment of your goods.

Pricing and payment terms

Our rates for rail, sea, road and air shipments are received either direct from the shipping lines or our agents in the country of origin and are usually based on the prevalent spot rate at that time. Spot rates can be volatile and will only apply at the time of quoting for the validity given. Please note the validity date of any price quoted. We cannot be held liable for any changes therein which may occur due to the current nature of the logistics industry, e.g. port congestion, shut down due to reasons such as COVID-19 spread, or fluctuations in fuel prices. Any payments made on behalf of our clients to third parties will be subject to a 1% handling fee (or £25.00 minimum)

If you wish to cancel your firm booking with us, there will be an initial charge of £80 to cover any losses. This may increase depending on what stage you are in, during the process of the booking. If you have any invoices that remain unsettled after 30 days, they will be subject to 5% penalty which will then accrue at 5% per month.

Limitation of liabilities

In the event that the goods are damaged or destroyed during the transport for reasons beyond our control, ANGLO FREIGHT (UK) LTD cannot be held liable for any financial or property loss which may occur.

We cannot be held liable for financial loss in the event that the arrival of goods are delayed, or for quay rent, demurrage and storage costs being incurred onto your goods at the port of arrival due to external factors, however we will strive to minimise the effects to the customer wherever possible.

We are not liable to such loss if the UK border force or any third country customs and excise department seize, inspect, delay or destroy your goods due to incorrect documentation or customs tariff codes applied onto said goods that have been received from the customer.

Our emails are scanned to prevent viruses from being sent to our recipients, however they can be intercepted or corrupted, so ANGLO FREIGHT (UK) LTD cannot be held liable for damage due to the contents of email.


Anglo Freight reserves the right to terminate any shipment or agreement to provide service without warning or prior notice.


If you have any questions regarding our terms and conditions of trading and service, please contact us through these ways to reach us:

By email:
By telephone: +44 (0)2380 171811

Our office address is at:

UNIT 8, Mountbatten Business Centre,
Millbrook Road East
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United Kingdom

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